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We Open Baseball Doors

Why We Do This?

Meet Brent! Brent is 10 years old. Brent grows up in a single mother household with two other siblings. Brent loves baseball, I mean loves it. For the last two years Brent progressed to the point where he want to play more competitive baseball.


The average costs to play on competitive youth teams, attend camps and clinics and acquire necessary equipment ranges from $1,200-$3,000 a year plus travel expenses. Due to these high costs Brent's mom was unable to pay for camps on top of team expenses.

Until, now! With a Baseball Grant from The Complete Player, Brent was able to attend the Bishop McNamara Winter Baseball Camp as well as afford the cost for the spring season. 

"I am a single mother of three. When my only son, Brent “Bubba” Spencer, was four years old I introduced him to baseball and he fell in love with the sport. As he grew so did his skill level and his coaches encouraged me to have him tryout for travel baseball. Travel baseball comes with hefty fees and often times I could not afford to send him to the off season baseball camps. This year Bubba was fortunate to receive a grant from The Complete Player Charity. With this grant I was able to afford to pay part of his baseball fees and send him to winter baseball camp."

-Brentrell Spencer: Brent's mother

"We are so thankful for TCP and the Baseball Grant. The joy that my son had on his face when he received his catchers gear will live with me forever. Thank you TCP for everything you do and for letting us be part of your Family!!!" - Glorimar Ramirez (Gabe's Mom)

Why We Do This?

Meet Gabe! Gabe is 16 years old. Gabe is one of three children and comes from a Puerto Rican family with one working parent. Every day at 5am Gabe rises and takes himself to church, then goes to school, then goes to practice. Then comes home and does it all again tomorrow. All while maintaining a 3.0 GPA. 


With only one working parent Gabe has had to use the same catchers equipment for the last three years, which smell horrific. As the great brother he is, he told his parents to spend money on is siblings instead of new gear. 

Gabe, who is such a great young man and who exemplifies what it mean to be The Complete Player, got his wish. He got brand new catchers gear for Christmas after receiving a grant from The Complete Player. 

"My family will always be thankful for TCP and what they did for my son and family. Coach Andy and his professional staff showed so much care for each one of the players on the team. They really helped Gabe to believe in himself. But the thing that stole our heart the most is that TCP helps every single player to become a better person not only for themselves, but for the world that we live in."

 - Glorimar Ramirez: Gabe's mom

"I have supported TCP through donations which I feel will help the youth needing assistance in our community to prosper on & off the baseball field. TCP gives our young adults opportunities to help them achieve their goals not just on the baseball field, but also in the classroom and in life." Rich DeMoss: Donor

We Open Academic Doors

Why We Do This?

Meet Coleman! Coleman is 14 and is one of four children. Coleman not only possess great baseball skills but excels in the classroom and is an all-around fantastic young man. Because of these great attributes Coleman applied and was accepted to Archbishop Spalding HS.


However, because of the cost of tuition and coming from such a large family taking the opportunity to attend Spalding would be very burdensome on his family. 

To reward Coleman for his excellence in the classroom, on the field and in life, The Complete Player helped reduce the burden for his family and awarded Coleman with an Academic Grant, helping him to attend Saplding HS. 

Receiving a TCP Grant was a huge game changer for my family and me. This made it possible for us to pull off going to my school of choice. I am now in the middle of try outs for Archbishop Spalding High School, something I have worked for since as long as I can remember, and will always remember that TCP helped me get here.

- Coleman Calabrese


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