TCP All-Star Squad


The TCP All-Star Squad offers 4th-10th grade public school students with an engaging learning environment to propel them ahead of their competition (academically, physically and emotionally) during virtual learning. 

How We Do It

Academically, TCP Youth Empowerment provides Empowering Teachers who assist and guide students in-person through AACPS virtually learning. As opposed to having to try and figure it out on their own when they run into challenges, TCP staff provides the direction, encouragement and support students need to succeed at virtual learning. Students will also participate in individual and small group projects that help develop and reinforce 21st century skills and connect the classroom to the real world. 


Emotionally, TCP Youth Empowerment uses evidence based SEL activities along with small group projects and Socratic conversations to help students combat any possible mental or emotional health concerns that can come from virtual learning. Students will gain a greater understanding of their emotions and feelings, who they are as a unique individual, and develop 21st century skills.


Physically, TCP Youth Empowerment students participate in various physical fitness activities that will not only keep them healthy but will help them grow stronger relationships with their peers, many of which they could lose through virtual learning. 

Our Goals

            a. Guide and Assist students during AACPS class time 

            b. Support students in their classwork and homework completion (tutoring if necessary)

            c. Develop each individual student’s sense of Self-Agency 

            d. Increase student’s Social, Emotional & Cognitive competencies  

            e. Increase competency and knowledge in key Business Fundamentals & Essential Life Skills

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$460/month per student


2661 Riva Rd Suite 521, Annapolis, MD 21401

Days: M-F

Times: 7:30am-4:30pm (AACPS 8:30am-3pm)


You will receive an email confirmation within two business days with payment information.


The United Way of Central Maryland Workplace Giving campaign provides paycheck reduction giving for various private companies throughout the region. Our Number  4196

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