To achieve our mission, The Complete Player Charity provides our community with the TCP Youth Empowerment program. Through TCP Youth Empowerment students learn, develop and enhance 21st century skills through project-based programs and field trips to local businesses. To maximize our impact we offer two separate programs throughout the year - After-school and Summer programs. 

TCP Youth Empowerment after-school programs are designed to guide all youth ages 12-18 into taking charge of their future, leading themselves toward their full potential. Starting with introductory business and leadership concepts, progressing to advanced workforce and self-mastery development, students participate in and experience:

  1. Student-led Projects, 

  2. Engagement with Business Professionals, 

  3. Field Trips to local businesses, and 

  4. Mentor relationships 

TCP Youth Empowerment Summer programs are designed to educate all youth, ages 11-14 on the workforce, how to become leaders of themselves, and ways they can serve their community by providing real-world and collaborative experiences that promote and develop. 

  1. Teamwork & Communication skills, 

  2. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, 

  3. Financial Literacy & Goal Setting, and

  4. Community Service

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The United Way of Central Maryland Workplace Giving campaign provides paycheck reduction giving for various private companies throughout the region. Our Number  4196