Current Internship/Service Learning Opportunities

Empowering Student Mentor

The intern will be responsible for guiding and assisting TCP student through their homework and TCP program curriculum and activities. In this role you will be responsible for making sure your group completes all necessary work, works together to complete group activities, building a relationship with students, modeling leadership qualities and participating in all curriculum and program activities. Taking this role seriously, the Intern will leave their internship/service learning experience with a greater understanding of leadership and developed leadership skills and capabilities that will translate to 21st century workforce success.

Ideal Candidates seeking an internship must meet the following criteria:

  • Current High School Junior or Senior or College Student with at least 3.0 overall GPA  

  • Ideal candidates are time-oriented, flexible, open-minded, enthusiastic, self-motivated and should have excellent communication and organizational skills.

  • Have a passion for and love working with kids

  • Be present at 90% of program dates for duration of internship/service learning opportunity

  • Have reliable transportation to and from the program

  • Express or showcase past experiences and successes in your desired Internship position   

  • Knowledge of TCP safety and health protocols and procedures


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Support a small group of 3-5 students during their virtual AACPS classes

  • Assist students to ensure they successfully complete their classwork and homework assignments

  • Facilitate or co-facilitate the TCP Youth Empowerment SEL activities and curriculum 

  • Be on-time and prepared each day (showing up at least 15 minutes early)

  • Display professionalism in punctuality, mannerisms and attire

  • Assist in all daily preparations and clean-up 

  • Ensure students are abiding by all health requirements and precautions

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with students, parents, and staff

  • Treat students in a manner that encourages individuality and positive self-esteem and efficacy

  • Demonstrate fair and equitable judgement

  • Complete all other tasks agreed upon 

Interested students shall email a cover letter and resume to The Complete Player at and click on "Apply Here" next to the 
opportunity they are interested in. 



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