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All-Star Squad and Champions Circle Programs

What does a typical day look like for students?

Program days are centered around the AACPS daily schedule for students. Throughout each day students will participate in their assigned AACPS virtual classes. In between class times, students will do either of the following: complete classwork or homework; receive tutoring in a specific subject; or participate in TCP Youth Empowerment activities including physical activities.


Are certified teachers supporting the students during the program?

Yes and no. There will be certified teachers, business professionals (mentors), and high school seniors and college student interns working with TCP students each day. When it comes to academics, students will be assisted by any combination of the TCP personnel. We are big believers in peer mentors which is why we will have high school and college students assisting. These students will possess A grades in the academic content they will be assisting with. In any event, a certified teacher will ensure that TCP students fully understand and comprehend all AACPS curriculum. 


What does the TCP Youth Empowerment curriculum entail?

The TCP Youth Empowerment curriculum is centered around our leadership philosophy - we were all born to be leaders and in order to be a leader we must first lead ourselves. Our curriculum has a heavy focus on the social, emotional and cognitive development of adolescents (social and self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, decision making/conflict resolution) using evidence-based research and support from the CASEL framework along with studies on the adolescent brain. Our curriculum also includes introducing students to business fundamentals and what we believe are essential life skills. 


Does the program provide food for the students? 

Our program provides snacks and drink for students each day. Low-income students will receive lunch each day along with snack and drinks. All other students will be responsible for providing their own lunch.


What other activities will students participate in? 

Students will participate in various physical activities on a daily or weekly basis and small group and individual projects based on their passions and interests. 


Does the program offer tutoring to students? 

Yes, our program will offer one-on-one tutoring, both in-person and virtually, if necessary. 


What precautions are being taken in response to Covid-19?

TCP is taking all recommended precautions from sanitizing all equipment, tables, chairs, supplies and rooms we utilize to situating our rooms to ensure students and staff are social distancing. Parents will be asked to monitor their child's temperature on a daily basis along with TCP staff doing the same.

What about students with learning disabilities? 

Our program is able to accommodate students with ADD/ADHD and mild learning disabilities. 


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