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Summertime is not just vacation time. It is a time when youth have the opportunity to engage in unique learning activities and environments, explore career fields, and develop new skills sets. 

Leaders in SteAm summer camp

TCP Leaders in STEAM Camps are full-day programs that engage campers in project-based activities that provide them the opportunity to:

    • Learn and develop leadership skills;
    • Enhance their STEM education;
    • Improve math skills and make real-world meaning of math;
    • Develop and enhance social, emotional and cognitive skills;
    • Gain financial literacy knowledge;
    • Gain hands-on experiences with business professionals to learn about jobs;
    • Serve their local community;
    • And more!












    During their time with TCP, campers will journey down a self-growth experience that will Unleash the Leader Within them by participating in:

    • Self and Social Awareness activities
    • Socratic style conversations
    • Reflective Journaling
    • Mindfulness & Breathwork activities
    • Team Building and Physical activities
    • Community Service events
    • Activities that push them out of their comfort zone


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