Volunteer Opportunities with TCP Youth Empowerment

Empowering Mentor


An Empowering Mentor works with a small group of TCP students (4-6 students), assisting them through their AACPS virtual learning when needed, and co-facilitating the TCP program curriculum. In this position, you will support the TCP Empowering Teacher and students through the school day providing students with advice, direction, feedback, guidance and strategies on how to successfully complete their assigned school work and TCP program activities. 



  1. Attend all necessary training sessions

  2. Commit to attending at minimum 3 days per week for four week & be on-time (10-15 minutes early)

  3. Already be or commit to becoming familiar with AACPS Common Core standards and methods of teaching

  4. Have reliable transportation and ability to get to and from the program’s location 

  5. Come prepared each day with any ideas and materials needed for the students

  6. Willingness to build relationships with students and encourage their unique individuality


Ideal candidates must possess a passion for giving back and a desire to help students reach their goals, proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, a positive attitude, and possess great communication skills, specifically with students, using positive and affirming language.

Interested adults and students shall email The Complete Player at tcpyouthempowerment@gmail.com to schedule a virtual meeting with our Executive Director.

Guest Speaker


Share your experiences and background in business with our students and shed light on what it takes to become a successful employee or business owner. Your insight and experiences help our students gain knowledge from a variety of business industries and roles and help them identify opportunities for them to pursue based on their skills, desires and interests. 

We are seeking individuals with a background or experience in:

1. Marketing

2. Accounting 

3. Personal Finance (Banking)

4. Product/Program Development

5. Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

6. Trades (Electrical, HVAC, Elevator, Plumbing, Industrial)

7. Engineering

8. Technology/IT/Software Development

9. Executive and Entry Level employees