Our Founder


I am former minor league pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, and I am driven by a deep passion to give back to the youth in my community. On a journey turning a dream into a reality, and transitioning from professional athlete to college graduate, I learned valuable life lessons that now serve as the driving force behind The Complete Player Charity and our TCP Youth Empowerment program. 


As a youth athlete, I had phenomenal coaches on the field. What I didn't realize at the time was how lucky I was to have such great mentors and role models. Off-the-field my parents did a great job of providing opportunities for me through their sacrifice and hard work - they were also great mentors and role models. As I got older and thought I knew it all life became more challenging and I learned first-hand how easy it is to get sidetracked and steered in the wrong direction, ultimately, leading myself right out of baseball and destroying the dream that I had.


I read a quote - "Even a dead fish can float down stream and get some where." - which smacked me in the face and really opened my eyes and made me think about my life. What I found out about myself through deep self-reflection was that I spent many years of my life as a dead fish floating downstream going wherever the current took me. Ultimately, I led myself right out of living my dream and never reaching my full potential as an athlete.  


The great part of it all is I have found Christ and my calling - To give back to the youth what was given to me (great mentors, role models, and opportunities) and to help lead the youth into taking charge of their futures and creating a path that leads to success in all areas of life.


I fundamentally believe that all youth deserve the right to be provided with opportunities no matter their circumstances so they have the chance to reach their full potential. I am now dedicated to providing opportunities to our youth and leading them into taking charge of their future and reaching their full potential.

I encourage you to join me and The Complete Player Charity in our efforts and help us achieve our mission and give our youth the opportunities they deserve. 

Andy Schindling

Founder & Executive Director

Our Vision & Mission


For all kids to be empowered, equipped, and prepared to take charge of their future and reach their full potential. 


TCP Youth Empowerment offers programs that unleash the leader within young people, inspiring them to become future business and community leaders. 

Our Core Values

We are committed to:


1. Exemplifying H.I.A.C.S (Humility, Integrity, Accountability, Commitment & Service) to all youth, donors, business partners, volunteers, parents and educators. 

2. Establishing Win-Win Collaborations that bring about the best opportunities for our youth.

3. Impact over Numbers. Creating deep, meaningful impact in the lives of the youth we serve.  

4. Encouraging, Motivating and Uplifting all of our students.

5. Being Servant Leaders to the youth and communities we serve and responsible Stewards of what we are given. 

6. Providing a Judgement-free and Peer-Pressureless learning environment  

Board of Directors

Andy Schindling The Complete Player Charity
Curt Anderson The Complete Player Charity
Jessica Gilbert The Complete Player Charity
Dawn Lewis The Complete Player Charity

Board of Advisors

Dr. Bernadette Ortiz-Brewster, President – Director of Strategic Partnerships, Pearson Education


Jennifer Ozgur, – Founder & Owner, JenFormation.com and SELSolution


Chris Thompson - Principal, Alexandria City Public Schools

Suzy Shaw The Complete Player Charity