Our Founder

Our Vision & Mission


For all kids to be empowered, equipped, and prepared to take charge of their future and reach their full potential. 


TCP Youth Empowerment offers programs that unleash the leader within young people, inspiring them to become future business and community leaders. 

Our Core Values

We are committed to:


1. Exemplifying H.I.A.C.S (Humility, Integrity, Accountability, Commitment & Service) to all youth, donors, business partners, volunteers, parents and educators. 

2. Establishing Win-Win Collaborations that bring about the best opportunities for our youth.

3. Impact over Numbers. Creating deep, meaningful impact in the lives of the youth we serve.  

4. Encouraging, Motivating and Uplifting all of our students.

5. Being Servant Leaders to the youth and communities we serve and responsible Stewards of what we are given. 

6. Provideing a Judgement-free and Peer-Pressureless learning environment  

Our Team

Andy Schindling The Complete Player Charity


The United Way of Central Maryland Workplace Giving campaign provides paycheck reduction giving for various private companies throughout the region. Our Number  4196

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