YE Entrepreneurship

TheYE Entrepreneurship program challenges students to take an entrepreneurial attitude and start their own business while in high school. Equipping students with in-depth business essentials, students will participate in a business plan competition. This program incorporates educating future entrepreneurs the importance of giving back to their community and includes volunteering efforts. 

The program is both classroom and event-based, and consists of four elements: 1. in-class sessions led by the lead instructor or guest speaker; 2. field trips to local businesses with a debriefing session; 3. a business plan competition presentation day; 4. Volunteer activities at local nonprofits. *Field trips are full day sessions where students tour businesses and engage with employees in interactive activities and listening sessions.

Students will gain in-depth knowledge about marketing/advertising, finance, competitive advantage, SWOT analysis and industry specific knowledge.

Program Objectives

Amongst other skills, students will:

  • Strengthen business writing and presentation skills

  • Understand needs in the local community

  • Prepare and deliver a business plan presentation

  • Develop soft skills - critical thinking, problem solving, delegating, working in teams

  • Gain specific industry knowledge and understanding

YE Entrepreneurship program is recommended for 11th grade students