YE Intro to Business

The YE Intro to Business program connects the business world with middle and high school students and is designed to accelerate students preparation into their futures; high school, college and the workforce.

The YE Intro to Business program introduces students to basic business fundamentals that will prepare them to develop and execute a business plan presentation on a product, service or community project. Students also explore future job opportunities and develop awareness around their current skill set. 

The program is both classroom and event-based, and consists of four elements: 1. in-class and virtual sessions led by the lead instructor; 2. field trips to local businesses with a debriefing session; 3. a business plan competition and presentation day; 4. community service project and/or activity. *Field trips are full day sessions where students tour businesses and engage with employees in interactive activities and listening sessions.

Program Objectives


Students will:

  • Gain insight in future employment opportunities and the academic path that leads to such opportunities 

  • Gain and understand knowledge of business fundamentals 

  • Prepare and deliver a business plan presentation

  • Learn & develop soft skills

  • Interact with and learn from business professionals during the work day 

  • Learn about local nonprofits and needs in their community

*Due to Covid-19 field trip activities have been placed on hold and currently all sessions take place virtually.

YE Intro to Business is currently offered to MacArthur and Brooklyn Park Middle School's and Meade High School students