Why After School Programming?

Studies show that students who participate in after-school programs:

  • show gains in social and emotional competencies;

  • are less likely to use drugs, alcohol and have conduct problems;

  • show gains in developing positive work habits;

  • improve social skills with peers; 

  • have an improved self-perception and attitudes towards school, teachers, classmates and adults;

  • feel safe to try new things resulting in finding their own voice and gaining confidence;

  • acquire life skills that they normally miss out on during the school day



Program Overview

In small group settings with active mentor engagement, we emphasize accepting, listening to, and seeking to understand the unique perspective of each individual, while building and maintaining a culture of respect, individuality and self-agency. 

We provide a transformative and innovative program in a collaborative environment that engages students in project-based business and entrepreneurship activities that results in the execution of student-led community projects and/or business ventures. 

Leadership Development

"We would like to let you know that your instruction is outstanding. Breanna consistently discussed her notes with me and we found it to be very solid. She now has the foundation and mentality of a leader with integrity...Your program gave them depth of understanding, hands on experience, and the privilege of seeing it in action...Please continue to do this. Many of these kids would have settled in life but this program has opened their eyes to so much more." Brandon and Bianca McIver

Our fundamental belief is that all people are born to lead and in order to lead others one must effectively lead themself. TCP Youth Empowerment provides a leadership program emphasizing the individuals development of self-agency through developing their social, emotional and cognitive competencies. Students leave our program with the knowledge, awareness and support to build a strong foundation they can lead from.

TCP Youth Empowerment Students develop:

  • 21st century skills - critical thinking & problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication

  • Social & Emotional Competencies - self-awareness, self-control, social-awareness and relationship skills

  • Cognitive Competencies self-management, effective decision making, growth mindset, goal setting & achievement 

  • Life Skills - financial literacy, mindfulness, personal accountability and grit, among others

TCP currently serve Brooklyn Park and MacArthur Middle Schools and Meade High School students. 


The United Way of Central Maryland Workplace Giving campaign provides paycheck reduction giving for various private companies throughout the region. Our Number  4196

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