TCP program at MacArthur Middle School

Why is after school programming important?

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"We would like to let you know that your instruction is outstanding. Breanna consistently discussed her notes with me and we found it to be very solid. She now has the foundation and mentality of a leader with integrity...Your program gave them depth of understanding, hands on experience, and the privilege of seeing it in action...Please continue to do this. Many of these kids would have settled in life but this program has opened their eyes to so much more." Brandon and Bianca McIver

About TCP Youth Empowerment

TCP Youth Empowerment provides a transformative and innovative program in a collaborative environment that engages students in a project-based curriculum resulting in student-led community projects, business plan presentations, and increases in each student's social, emotional and cognitive skills and competencies. 

Over the course of the program, students develop interpersonal and self-mastery skills which we believe produce effective leaders who are capable of overcoming any and all challenges life will throw at them. Throughout the program students are consistently challenged and pushed out of their comfort zone while working in a small group to achieve two main goals: 

  1. Producing a business presentation and community project, and 

  2. Experiencing a significant increase in self-esteem, self-awareness, and social skills

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Program Outcomes

100% of students believe they improved their self-awareness and social skills

90% of students express an increase in self-esteem & self-confidence

90% of students expressed feeling more comfortable with public speaking

85% of students improved at least one letter grade in one core academic subject 

80% of students expressed being more comfortable working in a diverse group

80% of students leave with a greater understanding of who they are as an individual

TCP Youth Empowerment currently serves Brooklyn Park and MacArthur Middle Schools and Meade High School students.