The YE Intro to Business program is designed to introduce students to basic business fundamentals, concepts and ideas through a project-based program that promotes teamwork and leadership development, and prepare students for high school, college and beyond. 

YE Intro to Business is currently offered at MacArthur and Brooklyn Park Middle Schools.

"The TCP Youth Empowerment program was outstanding! My son has always struggled with his confidence. Because of this program, my son is more confident, now has an enthusiastic attitude about learning and finally does his work, especially the work for this program,. The lack of peer pressure in this program is also refreshing. It is nice to see him working hard now without complaint." Mr. Howard

The YE Social Entrepreneurship program challenges students to create change in their community. After identifying and learning about community issues, students will plan, coordinate and execute a grant proposal presentation for a community beautification project.

The YE Leadership Development program focuses on providing students with the tools, skills and knowledge they need to understand who they are and how they can grow into becoming a self-leading adult. In order to lead others we believe you must be able to lead yourself.

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