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Youth Empowerment Program
The Complete Player Charity Youth Empowerment Program is a 25 to 30-week program where students work collaboratively to discover who they are as individuals, find creative ways to develop leadership skills and serve their community, and engage in workforce awareness experiences.  

Unleashing the Leader Within

Unleashing the Leader Within

Unleashing the Leader Within

Unleashing the Leader Within

Program Outcomes:

%of students believe they improved their self-awareness and social skills.

%of students improved at least one letter grade in one core academic subject.

%of students express an increase in self-esteem & self-confidence.

%of students expressed being more comfortable working in a diverse group.

%of students expressed feeling more comfortable with public speaking.

%of students leave with a greater understanding of who they are as an individual.

What Students are Saying

Jan. 2019

Awarding of Business and Leadership Certificates

Students of Brooklyn Park Middle School proudly display their certificates of completion of the Fall YE Young Leaders Program. Participants of the 2021 YE Summer Leadership Camp building Little Red Pantries for The Caring Cupboard on a field trip to a Gilbane Construction site.

Our Leadership Philosophy

Our fundamental belief is that all people are leaders and in order to lead others one must effectively lead themself. The TCP YE Young Leaders program emphasizes the individual students’ development of self-agency through developing their social, emotional and cognitive competencies. Students leave our program with the knowledge, awareness and support to build a strong foundation they can lead from by developing and enhancing their skills in the following areas:

● 21st century skills – critical thinking & problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication ● Social & Emotional Competencies – self-awareness, self-control, social-awareness, and relationship skills ● Cognitive Competencies – self-management, effective decision making, growth mindset, goal setting & achievement ● Life Skills – mindfulness, personal accountability, and grit, among others

Program Details

TCP Youth Empowerment provides a transformative and innovative program in a collaborative environment that engages students in a project-based curriculum resulting in student-led community projects, business plan presentations, and increases in each student’s social, emotional and cognitive skills and competencies.

Over the course of the program, students develop interpersonal and self-mastery skills which we believe produce effective leaders who are capable of overcoming any and all challenges life will throw at them. Throughout the program students are consistently challenged and pushed out of their comfort zone while working in a small group to achieve two main goals:

  1. Producing a business presentation and community project, and
  2. Experiencing a significant increase in self-esteem, self-awareness, and social skills

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