TCP Young Leaders is a 7-month transformative mentoring program that provides middle-school students with a collaborative environment that engages them in a project-based curriculum. Our program results in student-led community projects, business plan presentations and increases in each student’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills and competencies.

What Marley Middle School ​Students Are Saying

What Brooklyn Park Middle School ​Students Are Saying

My experiences at TCP have changed and shaped me as a person. I have turned from a shy person to someone who is confident and fearless.


Why After-School Programming?

Northern AA County is home to communities that suffer from food insecurities, youth homelessness, the highest percentages in the county of residents living under the poverty line, and a large percentage of youth suffering from multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Based on the latest needs assessment, there was no increase in after-school mentoring programs for students living in low-income communities and mental health concerns have dramatically increased among middle school youth.

Our Response 

The TCP Young Leaders program provides positive role models and mentors who empower students to develop a sense of self-agency and emotional intelligence skills by participating in activities that develop and enhance their:

  • 21st-Century Skills
  • Social and Emotional Competencies 
  • Career and College Readiness 
  • Life Skills 

Program Outcomes:

%of students express an increase in self-esteem & self-confidence.

%of students expressed being more comfortable working in a diverse group.

%of students believe they improved their self-awareness and social skills.

%of students expressed feeling more comfortable with public speaking.

%of students who improved at least one letter grade in a core subject.

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