Providing Transformative Learning Experiences.
Equipping middle and high school students with business knowledge and experiences, and the social, emotional and leadership skills to become future business and community leaders.
Project-based Programs
TCP Youth Empowerment Programs are project-based programs resulting in students creating, developing and executing a business presentation in front of a panel of business professional. 
Real World Hands-On Experiences
Students learn business skills through real-world experiences learning from and engaging with business professionals during the workday.
Social & Emotional Learning
Using CASEL, other data driven SEL frameworks, students enhance their social, emotional and cognitive competencies through various group and individual activities and life enriching socratic style conversations. 
Developing Leaders of the Future
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"The TCP Youth Empowerment program was outstanding! My son has always struggled with his confidence. Because of this program, my son is more confident, now has an enthusiastic attitude about learning and finally does his work, especially the work for this program. The lack of peer pressure in this program is also refreshing. It is nice to see him working hard now without complaint." Mr. Howard