Lighting the Path to a Brighter Future

🌟 As the year draws to a close, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support we have received throughout 2023. Alongside our supporters like you, we have made a profound impact on the lives of underserved and under-resourced youth who are striving for a better future. Now, we invite you to join us for one final, inspiring mission: Lighting the Path to a Brighter Future. 

From November 1 through December 31, our goal is to raise $50,000 before the year ends to pave the way for transformative change in the lives of the students we serve, like Jerome (name changed for privacy).

Jerome came to TCP as a very shy and timid kid who was in therapy due to being bullied in elementary school, which led him to have depression and social anxiety. Jerome once said, “Mr. Andy, I don’t have any friends, and it sure would be nice to have friends at school.” Four months later, our Executive Director received a phone call from Jerome’s mother stating that she was overwhelmed with joy because her son came home and said he didn’t feel like he needed to go to therapy because the TCP program had made him more comfortable with who he is and that he has made some friends in the program.

Since the end of last year’s Young Leaders program, Jerome has increased his friend count and served as a TCP Mentor at our Sports & STEM camp. He is now leading some 6th graders in our new robotics program.

Joining us on our mission to Light the Path to a Brighter Future will directly support the academic and emotional needs of our remarkable young kids who have faced adversity beyond measure. Your donation will ensure they receive the support, mentorship, and resources they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, just like our friend Jerome (name concealed for privacy) by overcoming the challenges they face.

📚 Academically, your gift will help students achieve grade-level proficiency in math and reading, providing them with the foundation for a brighter academic future.

💪 Socially and Emotionally, your generosity will empower these young hearts and minds to heal, grow, and build resilience, helping them overcome the emotional scars of their past and current experiences.

This is not just an end-of-year fundraising campaign; it’s an opportunity to be a beacon of hope for these children and make a real, lasting impact. Your support allows us to continue our mission of changing lives and building a brighter, more hopeful future for these courageous students.

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey and end the year on a note of compassion, generosity, and hope. No matter the size, every contribution brings us one step closer to our goal. Together, we can achieve our goal of $50,000 and ensure that these deserving young individuals have the opportunity to succeed against all odds.

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The 2023 TCP Golf Tournament Shined

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