Program Details

TCP Academic & Emotional Mentoring provides 2nd-5th grade elementary school youth with mentors during the school day who provide students with academic and emotional support during class and lunch. Currently, our Academic & Emotional Mentoring program serves students at Brooklyn Park and Woodside Elementary Schools. 

“Being able to talk to someone I trust who is not a counselor when I am struggling or having an emotional day has helped me a lot! When I get to talk to a TCP Mentor I feel so relieved. I actually feel like I am able and ready to learn after talking with Mr. Mark.”


Why In-School Mentoring

Northern AA County is home to communities that suffer from food insecurities, youth homelessness, the highest percentages in the county of residents living under the poverty line, and a large percentage of youth suffering from multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). All these factors lead to poor academic performance, emotional instability, and chronic absences and tardiness.

Less than 23% of students in 5th grade who attend schools in northern Anne Arundel County are proficient in math. Less than 40% of students in northern Anne Arundel County are proficient in English. It is TCP Charity’s desire to combat this alarming problem!

Our Response

To combat the education disparity and poor proficiency levels in northern Anne Arundel County schools, TCP Mentors assist identified students during math and reading class and conduct “Lunch Bunches” with students where they are able to get additional academic support. 

To help combat the emotional trauma many students are facing due to poor living conditions and a poverty stricken community, TCP provides Mentors to meet students where they are at any given time throughout the school day. Our Mentors provide a safe place to communicate, an ear to listen, and encouragement get students emotionally back on track and ready to learn.