TCP Charity produced 50% and 35% Increases at their Annual Golf Tournament!

New challenges, contests, and outstanding food lead to the best annual tournament thus far for The Complete Player Charity.

On September 13th The Complete Player Charity held their 4th Annual Golf Tournament at Compass Pointe GC and to say they hit a hole in one would be an understatement.

Part of our strategy going into this year was to increase the length of their Brooklyn Park Middle School program by 13-weeks. When I met with my Board at the beginning of the year, I was adamant that the organization needed to dig their roots deeper into Brooklyn Park and the only way to so was to blow their annual golf tournament out of the water. Our annual tournament is the main funder for the Brooklyn Park program so the expectations and goals for this year were set high.

At the end of a hot day on the course, 115 golfers left with a full belly of phenomenal food catered by Orzo It Goes and the organization raised just under $24,000. But wait! There’s more. TCP Charity was blessed to receive a check for $5,000 from both Hirsch Electric and Schmidt Home Consultants to go towards the purchase of brand-new multi-passenger van. This was a major need for us. Many students lose the opportunity to participate in our TCP Youth Empowerment after school program due to the lack of transportation. 

Last year during the pandemic, our golf tournament did well – 76 golfers showed up and the tournament raised just under $17,000. Not so bad for a pandemic event, but I knew a repeat of last year was not going to work. To increase the Brooklyn Park program, this year’s golf tournament must produce at least 100 golfers and bring in at minimum $21,000. The tournament also had to step up and deliver a dinner that the golfers will love. These were large numbers and high goals for the tournament, but I was confident my team could deliver.

One thing that I wanted to do this year was to honor a former Board Member, Don Nippard, who passed away hours after he sat on the panel for the TCP students business presentations. To do so, I took a game that Don loved, Birdie Ball Golf, and added a chipping contest to the tournament and it was the talk of the tournament. One golfer said, “I loved the Chipping Contest! It was challenging and fun and I hope they continue doing it. I am looking forward to it next year.”

After six months of hard work my team and I have something to be proud of. Our efforts produced 10 major sponsors – including Platinum Sponsors Bay Point Wealth and Belair Engineering, and Silver Sponsors Schmidt Home Consultants and Skyline Technology Solutions – which is four more than last year and had a total of 20 sponsors which is seven more than last year.

This van will now allow us to take students home from the after-school program and enable us to increase the number of field trips for our students. These field trips are a staple of our programs and give our students unique learning opportunities that no other students in their schools receive.

The turnout from this year’s tournament has left me speechless. The fact that we increased the number of golfers by 50% and raised 35% more money than last year is astounding. It is also very humbling knowing we have this kind of support. I am so grateful for my board and the volunteers who worked their butt off to produce this event and make it as successful as it was.

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